About us.

KR-Sport was formed  by team owner Ashley Orchard

Ashley who brought with him a strong background in the kart industry as both a driver, and from working closely with a Kart manufacturer and team during his late teens. His past experience positioned him well to form what today in the Karting paddock is one of the most successful teams within the industry.

Over the seasons the team’s success on track was obvious and with this the team attracted more drivers. A move from the popular TKM class in which the team started, to the growing Rotax Max class, was made and with this a relationship was formed with Strawberry Racing who would firstly supply the team with Tonykarts, and soon after engines from the Cream division.

Success in the Rotax Class was immediate, and further investment into the class today, sees KR-Sport own in excess of 40 engines which are used within the team, to aid our success on track. Further investments have demonstrated growth with larger race transporters, awnings and operations, which are now based in Milton Keynes.

The Future

The Future for the team is to carry on winning races in the various competitions and events, whilst supporting and nurturing young talent on their path to other forms of motorsport.

The future is BRIGHT!