Download the Off Camber data Software This version of the Off Camber Data analysis software is specifically tailored to the UniGo series of laptimers (data cable also required).

Windows    download_for_windows Unigo 3005    download_for_windows UniGo 5005 and up
Mac             download_for_mac Unigo 3005    download_for_macUniGo 5005 and up


Dash ware Data Profile To make DashWare integration work, you need the Dash Ware Data Profile, which you can download here. Copy this file into the DashWare/DataProfiles folder in your Documents folder, and you’re ready to import files from Off Camber Data into DashWare.


UniGo Firmware To install UniGo firmware, download the files here, and copy them into the /Firmware folder on your UniGo.

download_cloud Uni Go 3005    download_cloud UniGo 5005
download_cloud Uni Go 6005    download_cloud UniGo 8005

This version is 1.02.001. By downloading this software, you agree to the end-user license agreement.


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Screenshot 2…


Screenshot 3… (GPS Track Map showing racing Lines between two drivers)