Mini Max
🥇J.Cormack P1 (KR Sport) ⏱️Fastest Lap⏱️
Micro Max
🥇L.Rolfe P1 (Synergy)
5️⃣ A.Rogers Tyler P5 (KR Sport)
Josh Cooke ⏱️Fastest Lap⏱️
Junior Max
🥈K.Tomalewski P2 (Kato Motorsport)
Junior Max Primo
🥇 Daniel Hartley P1 (Ultimate R)
Huge thankyou to all teams and drivers who use KR Engines to power them to the front, for more information on engine rentals, sales and service please contact us via our socials or call/email on –
Ash – 07921 225680
Connor – 07958 001415
Lewis – 07948 410443